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London, England
Anyway, we just wanted to write and thank you and all your staff for a wonderful stay. Even the showers and thunderstorms couldn't dampen our spirits and detracted not a bit from the beauty of the island and of course Taman Rahasia. We really appreciated the opportunity to do little more than read, lounge, eat, drink and have the occasional massage – complete bliss!

Queensland, Australia
Taman Rahasia provides a magical opportunity to experience the true essence of Bali – serenity, gentility, beauty and healing all pervade this most wonderful haven. The attention to detail and genuine desire exhibited by the staff is constantly evident and so appreciated – from presentation of the food, the delicately but thoughtfully arranged flower pots, the abiding smiles from all the staff, the relaxing spiritual gardens to the amazing spa experience. Thank you all for sharing your secret with us. Whatever the Indonesian word is for “sublime” is this wonderful place epitomizes the word.

NSW, Australia
To the most wonderful staff of Taman Rahasia: Thank you all so very much for making our stay such a wonderful experience. Whilst Taman Rahasia is a truly beautiful place, its true beauty is found in the staff and we will remember it most fondly for all of you first. It is our wish to bring our families here to meet you all. Thank you very much for all your kindness and care. It is hard to say goodbye.

Bangkok, Thailand

My first spa experience was in Bali at Taman Rahasia – The Secret Garden, located in Ubud, tucked right away from the hustle and bustle. Though I only went there to enjoy a two and a half hour body scrub, massage & floral bath spa treatment, I did check out their hotel rooms and absolutely fell in love with them. Each room has an outside sitting area and each hotel suite is built in such a way that it seems like you have the area all to yourself. There's a lovely pool and sitting lounge where guests can enjoy a quiet read and where tea is served each evening. The spa products used are excellent and the spa's prices are so reasonable. My two and a half hour heavenly treatment was just US$15. Can you beat that?

Sydney, Australia
Wow! The perfect start to a honeymoon. Taman Rahasia and the staff are just fabulous. What a most beautiful, relaxing, tranquil place. Pamper Package was awesome – cooking school was fun. I am actually sad to be leaving. We felt so at home and so at ease. Keep up the great work. It was a treat and a pleasure to meet all of you and you have helped create some wonderful memories. Thank you so much.

New York, USA
Taman Rahasia is like a roomy joyous cocoon in an unexpected location where one comes in contact with life in Bali in its natural form. It is a pleasure to be away from staged tourist activities and relax in a beautiful environment with creature comforts of the highest standards. I giggled with delight in my spa treatments. My stay was a blissful experience that I plan to repeat. The only "must haves" needed are a couple of swimsuits and a good book.

Chicago, USA
Taman Rahasia is a bit of paradise here on earth. Our stay couldn't have been better – the room, the service and the food were all excellent. Your kindness made us feel as though we were at home. Thank you.

London, England
We so thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality (the Romance Package!) in July 2003. We often think of our wonderful stay at Taman Rahasia and only wish you were a lot nearer to London! With fond memories and best wishes.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Keep doing what you've done thus far – you're doing it well. Thank you for a great holiday. I loved the privacy but still feeling like the locals are accessible. See you the next time I'm in Bali!

Adelaide, Australia
Thank you for an exceptional “first” stay in Bali . We have never been before, so to experience such friendly service with such professional staff, be assured we will recommend your establishment to all our friends & family – most of whom have been to Bali before. The facilities are stylish and suit, as well as create such and exciting but relaxing environment in which to stay. Our holiday has been a most pleasant experience.

Jakarta, Indonesia
“The Secret Garden” was a lovely experience, well worth finding and recommending. A nice bottle of cognac in the library for a nightcap is the only additional requirement! Thanks and Best Regards.

London, England
Just to say how much I enjoyed my too brief stay in Bali and how much I appreciated the lovely service I received while there. Hope to be back soon! Meanwhile, will thoroughly recommend to everyone here. Best wishes.

San Francisco, USA
If you're seeking paradise on earth, look no further than Taman Rahasia, “The Secret Garden.” Located in the artists village of Penestanan, just a short walk into central Ubud, you will find a unique tropical oasis lovingly created by its owner and attentive staff. A sanctuary of natural beauty comprised of 7 guest rooms, an elegant grotto-like swimming pool and outdoor dining pavilion all set within a lush and serene jungle-like compound. This boutique style hotel offers an enchanting experience to rejuvenate mind body and soul at a surprisingly affordable price. This was my favorite hotel on the whole trip...a true hidden gem.

Jakarta, Indonesia
Thank you for making our honeymoon so unforgettable. We'd surely recommend Taman Rahasia to our friends and relatives. Please do continue conserving Bali's natural resources and atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing you again soon . . .

Tokyo, Japan
I like the quiet of this place. Nice atmosphere, no pollution. I like the sounds of nature. Taman Rahasia is quite suitable for me. The food is excellent (naturally) The room is great – but I like your staff the best of all! Thank you!

Melbourne, Australia
This has been a rare experience for the senses. Enjoyed the November rains to clear the air. Especially wonderful are the butterflies. You have created perfection.

London, England & New Zealand
Where to begin? We came for an escape and that is exactly what we got. Magical! The food is great, and the staff is solicitous without being obtrusive. The grounds are beautifully planted and landscaped. The management is friendly and helpful. We had perfect privacy, and enjoyed a perfect mix of luxury and local culture. A Haven! An oasis! A healing environment on an island of tranquility. The bathroom is spacious and well-designed. Easy access to Ubud if you want it, but also easy to escape. You can choose to participate or not. So many thanks for a memorable stay!

Thank you sooo [sic] much for a wonderful and relaxed stay at Taman Rahasia. It was a random choice from a number of Bali Resort websites and it turned out to be a superb one!!! The friendliness and hospitality of all staff members was beyond all duties. We really appreciate all the help! Hope to come back soon.